Know Our Process

In order to make our business and developement process more explicit to our clients, we have came up with these steps. This includes project on arrival, project kickstart & requirement determination, development, and change requests etc. However, in reality this could be slightly different depending on type of project we are dealing with.

“This is the key to successful project - to see the value of every moment.”

On Arrival

Project overview & Requirement determination

Every project shall come in with draft design, sometimes, together with wireframe. The very first step we do is to collect the overview of the design and requirements. This will allow us to determine the complexity of the website you want us to build. The requirements should be made clear at this stage such as behaviour of the web, animation, which browsers and device to be supported, tools, and other scope of work.

If you are a designer or design agency, we are very welcome to give you consultant about usability of your design and other possibility you may concern. We can work with you along your design process to make sure we offer clients the best product we could.

Cost Estimate

After we collect all of your requirements then we can provide you with an estimation.

Legal Agreement

Every single project and change requests will require a contract to be signed by both parties. We will provide the contract declaring scope of works and other important information. Once it is signed then we can move on to the next step!

Drop us a design and we will take care of it!

We do have our private cloud so whenever you are ready, please drop us your final design and assets. Woop! We are good to go.

Project Management

Planning & Researching

During the project overview phase, usually for complex project, we request research time in order to pick the best implementation for particular requirements. While researching we also set up project milestones for the whole development. This accommodates our clients in term of development and scheduler tracking. Our project management continues along development process to make sure tasks are on track and the website will be ready by agreed delivery date.

Milestone & Tasks management

In web development, the right schdulering and tasks organising are two important key factors for any project to succeed based on its tough timeline. We usually propose the appropriate milestone at start. As development goes on, we strive to manage all tasks efficiently to keep the project on track.


Project Setup

This is the heart of our development. We believe that the structure of project should be well planned from start. For enterprise project or web application, it’s very important to make sure that the website will be scalable and maintainable for future extension. With years of experiences, we have picked up different tools to make this setup possible. Moreover, these great tools will accomodate our workflow during development.

Testing and Cross Browsing

We do our best to get the browser look just like the design. Functionalities and performance testing will be done regularly on every main features.

Fine-tuning and Optimize performance

Yes we do this with every project. We will make sure to send client only what he needs in a project with neat code and as organized as possible.

Client Testing / Change Requests / Bugfix

Client will have an access to our staging server for a demo of your templates. Change requests and bugfixes normally come in during this phase of development. We do this to make sure we have complete all of the requirements before the delivery is made.


The final process we always offer to client differently. It’s totally depended what client wants to receive whether as a zip file or to pull whole template from our Git repo. We can provide client with changelog and guideline up on his requests.

Get to know our tools

Git / GitFlow / Github Flow

This is the well-known distributed version control system. We use Git to keep tracks on every line of code we have committed. This is also very handy for collaborating our work with other backend developers. This is definitely the base tool we can not work without.


Bower is a package manager for Frontend. We use this to install 3rd party libraries associated with your project. This is great tool that help developer grabs all dependencies faster and it’s very easy to maintain and control version of package we need for the project.


Gulp is a very powerful task runner based on Node.js which allows us to have the best workflow. Instances of a Gulp plugin we use:

  • BrowserSync : A fantastic that provides us the ability to test on every browsers and devices all at once!
  • libSass : for faster compiling of our Sass.
  • Source Map : provides a better way for debugging.
  • Concat, rename, uglify, imagemin : for file and image optimization.
  • Linting : Yes, we validate our code via HTMLHint, CSSLint and JSHint.

If you want you can learn more about Gulp here!

Why do we use all these tools? How good are they for client?

All of these tools offer developer and the owner of product different kind of benefits. Mostly, all of technologies, we use them to make sure that in the future your website will be easy to maintain and extend by any other developers as long as they know how to use this popular tools. We have encountered some old projects that were built only 3 years ago but It’s totally a nightmare for other developers to have to work on it in 2015 because of bad structure. This is also very unpleasant for clients as they may end up paying more. This is why we want to help clients escape from that nightmare and finally own a digital product that truly holds the characteristic of digitalization.

Sounds good to you? Let’s get your project started contact us :)