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We are freelance frontend ninjas
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Hi we are ahomiya.com! The professional frontend freelancers working together with digital agencies and startups to bring scalable and maintainable frontend architecture.

UI/UX development and frontend architectural consultancy are in our main focus. We use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other technologies to provide clients the best final website possible.

What we do.

More than just frontend web development, we also provide client with project management for our scope of work as well as frontend consultant service.

The web technologies we use to create excellent performance, adaptive, and responsive website are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Check out these useful tools we use to provide great work flow and maintainable web structure.

Project management

We realise how important time and scheduler are when it comes to web development. With years our experiences we have been successfully designing our own working process to accommodate our work flow. Moreover, our process is aiming to assist our clients at introduction of project and development process tracking.

Please learn more about our process and how we can help get the project running smoothly.

Our services & Skills

Some of technologies we use are:
HTML5, CSS3 (Sass), JavaScript (jQuery), and more.

Frontend consultant, Frontend project restructure, adaptive and responsive web development.

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Why work with us

First Class Frontend

We refuse to create bad structure website. It’s our passion and fundamental to produce well structured, optimized, scalable, and maintainable website for clients.

Main Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 & Sass
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Adaptive / Responsive Web development
  • Cross browsers capabilities


  • libSass
  • Bower
  • Gulp
  • Git / Tower
  • Transmit
  • MAMP
  • Photoshop
  • Freedcamp
  • Coffee Cups

Who we work with

  • Digital Agency
  • Startup
  • Individual Client & Corporate

Do you have a design in hands and need to convert that to real website? or are you looking for a professional frontend freelancers to collaborate with your backend team?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your project running.

What we don’t

We do not design and we do not code backend at the moment :) (probably in the future)

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Scheduling & Rate

We usually agree for booking as incremental hourly rate. At the minimum booking of 8 hours per project. However, we are more flexible about time for long term contract or return clients. Please note that It’s important to discuss about our availabilities in advance for each separate project.

All our work is billed in hourly rate in US Dollar. However, we bill in fixed price for consultant or support for long term contract. We have minimum rate for different size of projects so please contact us and discuss more about your requirements.


Every project requires a contract to be signed by our client. This contract includes information about agreed hour, budget as well as scope of work. Any change requests from client it’s important to also sign another contract separately.


Please email us regarding our availability as this may change daily.

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Our Process

We would like to introduce you to our process in project management and development.
Different tools are used to create a smooth running and trackable project.
Let’s make this a fun project for both clients and developers.

Learn our process
Learn about our tools

Package management, Task Runner... what are they?
Learn why we use these amazing tools to smooth the workflow.


Projects and clients we have worked with.

* Due to contract agreements with different agencies please contact us via email to request for more information regarding our works.